@EUinNigeria @WACOMP_ECOWAS meeting on Mango and Cassava value chain

On 10th October 2020, a meeting on Mango and cassava value chain has been organized by @EUinNigeria @WACOMP_ECOWAS. The main objective was to share with 70 actors from 16 countries the results of the @UNIDO_QI assessment on #quality needs for the #cassava and #mango value chains. It was in the presence of the main stakeholders, notably ECOWAS, UEMOA, the European Union, and UNIDO, but also the Main national actors of the Mango and Cassava value chains, selected among the list of institutions and persons contacted during the study on QI, the National experts of the WACQIP (QI Mango and Cassava, Business Environment) and the staff of the WACQIP in Abuja, Dakar and Vienna.

Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 15:15

This program is funded by the European Union with the technical support of UNIDO, the implementing Agency

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