Promotion of quality: Benin adopts its National Quality Policy

Promotion of quality: Benin adopts its National Quality Policy

To the great satisfaction of quality actors, companies’ leaders and consumers at the grassroots, the Republic of Benin has just adopted its National Quality Policy. The decision to adopt the document was taken this Wednesday, July 11, 2018, on the occasion of the Council of Ministers chaired in person by the Head of State, Head of Government, Mr. Patrice Talon.

Indeed, the document of the National Quality Policy in the Republic of Benin occupied a place of choice among the communications registered to this weekly Council of Ministers. According to the report of the Council of Ministers, '' quality issues are of particular importance because they condition the competitiveness and access of products to regional and international markets ''. For this reason, the Council of Ministers indicates that the process of drafting a National Quality Goods and Services Policy document, accompanied by an action plan, has been undertaken. "This is a tool that will allow the Government to take the appropriate measures to harmonize and align the conformity assessment mechanisms planned in the framework of the reforms initiated", said the report of the Council of Ministers. "This National Quality Policy thus approved is in line with the strategic focus on the consolidation of the macroeconomic framework and the maintenance of stability, in Pillar 2 of the Government's Program of Action, namely: to initiate the structural  transformation of the economy. It will enable to upgrade small and medium enterprises and impact all sectoral policies in Benin", they can read in the release of the Council of Ministers chaired by the Head of State, Mr. Patrice Talon.

Therefore, in adopting it, the Council instructed the Ministers to work towards the diligent implementation of this National Quality Policy.

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